Although I prefer advance booking, same-day booking from Monday to Friday with a two hour notice is possible if I have it available. Please text me at 916-459-6383 to check for same-day availability — no calls without prior permission, long chats and personal questions will be ignored. A photo of your driver’s license is required for screening as companion references will not respond fast enough for same-day booking. Please be advised when you fill out my screening form, all information and uploaded files go straight to my encrypted email and is never stored on my website.

Screening Form

  • Please tell me a little about yourself and the length of time and date you would like to meet.
  • Please provide two companion references complete with: (1) links to their ads, (2) how they preferred to be contacted for a reference check, (3) how they will remember you, what phone number and email you used to contact them. Please make sure your last companion is reference friendly and understand that it takes time for providers to reply with references. This screening option is for advance booking only. For same-day booking, please use option two for screening.
    If you have no recent companions for references or would like to meet within the same day, I must have a copy of your driver’s license, front and back, and a selfie taken in the last 24 hours to match. You may hide the address part of the driver’s license and nothing else.

  • Please upload a selfie taken in the last 24 hours. Additionally, if you're screening by option two, upload a driver's license as well.
    Drop files here or
  • To talk with me, please use a real phone number. Google voice and other app phone numbers will be ignored.
  • Please submit all screening info or email them to me at Withholding information means your request will be ignored. By sending me this information you agree that any exchange of monetary or sentimental value is for time and companionship only and is not to be misconstrued as a payment of any kind for any illicit acts of prostitution, promoting prostitution, or trafficking of any kind.

    Please do not ask me to take anything else as a reference as this is what I am comfortable with to invite you to my beautiful private residence.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.